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Child Cognition Center, Tsinghua University

During the first few years of human life, astonishing learning happens. From a totally dependent and incapable creature, human develops into a language speaking, tool using, and problem solving social being. How our mini selves achieve this is yet to be fully understood. 

Our research explores the cognitive mechanisms underlying these learning processes. We ask questions such as: How do children learn language? How do children make discoveries and become creative problem solvers? How do children reason about their social norms and interactions?

By understanding these fundamental cognitive processes, we are able to inform parents and educators of better learning practices, and contribute to developmental science and the understanding of great human intelligence.

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How can your children support science?

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Join the "Tsinghua Little Science Club" to be a "Little Scientist"


"AI can not replace human advantages, how many your children have mastered?" Dr. Stella Christie published a popular science article on the GuoKe.


If you are a parent, please join our fun research projects with your child either online or in-person! Your contribution would be invaluable to the advance of developmental science.

If you are looking for collaboration, you are welcome to submit your contact information and request.

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The mystery of the mind.

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