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What is play?
What are the mechanisms of learning through play?
What elements during play contribute to learning?

Parental Language's Impact on Kids' Analogical Reasoning

What’s the impact of parental talk on kids’ analogical reasoning?
Could parents use certain language to facilitate kids’ analogical reasoning development?
How could parenting help kids build their own advantages?
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Rule learning

How do children learn rules?
Can they extract rules from visual stimuli as well as auditory stimuli?
what are the constrains of children’s rule learning?


What is bilingualism? Does a dialect count as a language?
What is the influence of bilingualism on linguistic performance?
What is the influence of bilingualism on cognitive performance?
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Cross-cultural Differences in Analogical Reasoning

Do cultural differences exist in adults’ tendency of analogical reasoning?

Imitation in homogenous and heterogenous group

How does knowledge disseminate cross-culturally-memes, for instance?
How does group composition affect children’s social imitation?
Who and what would children prefer to learn?
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Counterfactual Sentence

Does processing of counterfactual sentences and declarative sentences differ?
Does processing of counterfactual sentences differ between children and adults?

Numbers and Math

  • How do children understand numbers and math?
  • How does culture and parent-child interaction affect children’s beliefs in learning math
  • How does language affect children’s understanding of numbers
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Inductive generalization research

  • Whether 5-year-olds use ingroup or inductive (diversity) rationale when making generalizations about social groups?
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