There are two ways  to participate our studies: online and come to the lab. So no matter you are in Beijing or not, you can participate our studies.

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What is it like to do experiment with kid?


Answer1: The Child Cognition Center studies children from 0 to 8 years old. So you and your child are more than welcome to participate!

A2: Our studies are completely free. Upon completion, you will receive a special (custom-made) gift.

A3: You can participate either online or in-person. So if you couldn’t make it to our lab, please try our online options.

A4: Our studies aim to find general patterns in child development. Therefore we cannot provide you with a single result, as the data can only be interpreted as a whole. But after we finish analyzing results from all participating children, we will provide you with our final results and conclusions.

A5: No, the experiment is not a test. Your child’s responses won’t be judged as right or wrong.

A6: Child cognition researches help us look into how human development is influenced by both nature and nurture. These studies enable us to better understand how we learn and how we acquire effective learning strategies. Besides, cross-cultural studies help us understand how children of different cultural backgrounds are the same and different, giving us insight into human as a species.

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